600 MONSTER TO 680

This page is based on some info and a dyno graph sent into me from a fellow in Queensland, Australia named Hal ( Hellmuth Matthes ). All the work was carried out by Gold Coast Ducati.

The 680 kit is available from Ducati Performance as a bolt on option. This increase in capacity comes from the larger bore of 86 mm, up from the standard 80 mm and 583 cc. I’m told the compression ratio this kit produces is 10.3:1, which seems sensible to me. The standard 600 compression ratio is given as 11:1 or a bit higher from memory. The 750 and 900 both come std with about 9.5:1 anyway, so the 10.3:1 is perfectly acceptable.

Other mods to this engine include some port work, cams advanced 3 degrees, Staintune carbon fibre slip on mufflers, Dynatach performance coils, a Dynojet jet kit and a K&N filter. It still runs the std airbox lid in these dyno tests.

The graph below shows the improvement. Certainly a step up from the std 600. According to Hal, it leaves a 750 with similar external mods behind rather easily. It’s also the kind of mod that you could perform rather easily when you’ve become a little bored with the std 600 performance. Would no doubt be quite a fun bike to ride, particularly up in the hills. The 680 kit pistons are no doubt lighter than std, and with the Ducati Performance lightweight flywheel would combine to give a nice increase in acceleration.

Many thanks to Hal for provding the onfo. A full spec sheet as sent to me by Hal is given below.

1996-‘7 - M700 Ducati Monster Specifications: (600M)
(10/10/'99 - Odometer 12,261 kms).

  • Engine Type: 4 stroke. 90 degree V-Twin. (In "L" configuration).
  • Desmodromic Valve Control 2 valves per cylinder.
  • Heads Ported / Polished and Bench flowed. Valves lapped.
  • Cam Timing: Inlet Opens 31&Mac176;BTDC, Closes 88&Mac176;ABDC.
  • Exhaust Opens 72&Mac176;BBDC, Closes 46&Mac176; ATDC (CAM advanced an additional 3&Mac176;).
  • With Valve Clearance = 1mm.
  • Exhaust Staintune Carbon Fibre/ stainless 2-2 system with standard headers.
  • Cooling System: Air/ Oil cooling with Earl's large capacity oil cooler in line.
  • Pirtek Stainless Steel oil lines with anodized alloy fittings.
  • Displacement: 680 cc (86 mm x 58 mm). (674cc).
  • Barrels - Ducati Performance 86mm Nikasil plated.
  • Pistons Ducati Performance Forged 3 ring High Compression and teflon coated.
  • Fly Wheel - Lightweight alloy by Ducati Performance.
  • Rear Wheel Horsepower: 63+ HP @ 7,800 RPM. (41 HP @ 8,250 RPM Standard).
  • Rear Wheel Torque: 67 NM/ 6.9KgM @ 5,800 RPM. (50 NM @ 6,000 RPM Std).
  • Compression Ratio: 10.3:1. (Fuel: Standard or Premium Unleaded – No pinging).
  • Max. Engine Speed: 9,000 RPM. (On Dyno has run to 10,000 smoothly).
  • Lubrication: Forced feed gear pump.
  • Ignition: Dynatek DC-3 Performance Coils W/ Solid Copper leads and Kokusan Dual Electronic inductive discharge control.
  • Spark Plug: Champion RA 6 HC. (NGK equiv). (l2mm x l9mm x l8mm HEX)
  • Fuel System: Two Mikuni 38-mm carburetors with Dyno Jet kit. K&N Air Filter.

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