While not exactly a full system, as it maintains the standard header pipes, this system from STAINTUNE replaces both the standard slip on muffler and the central catalytic converter/muffler. As guessed in the previous R1150 GS report, it seems this central box is the critical component as far as power and noise are concerned.

The graph below shows three different stages of tune for this particular model. The green line is std R1150 GS, the blue line is for the STAINTUNE system fitted with the std ECU chip, while the red line is for the STAINTUNE system with an aftermarket WUNDERLICH chip fitted.

A rather sensational result, that surprised even me. The bike has up to 10 Hp more through the midrange, and a couple more at the top end. That midrange wave is what you would feel and use in every day riding.

The graph also shows a small loss of power with the WUNDERLICH chip in the bottom half of the power range. This is once again a dyno anomally, probably due to the WUNDERLICH chip being richer in this rev range.

According to the owner, the WUNDERLICH chip made a big difference to the way the bike felt. With more power and a smoother feel overall to the way it is delivered, Roman was a very happy chappy. Once again, it is a good example of the difference a properly set up chip can make, regardless of what the WOT dyno run implies.

(dyno graph courtesy of DYNOBIKE, (03) 9553 0018)

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