Ducati 996

The biggest of the Ducati engines, the 996 responds much the same as the other models to cam timing mods. For these bikes we simply recommend dialing the cams, fitting open mufflers ( most people go for the Termignonis at predelivery anyway ), an FIM adjustable eprom ( or chip ) and a 14 tooth front sprocket.

The change I noticed most with our shop demo bike after dialing the cams was how much harder it "hit" when you opened the throttle. It took a while to get used to wheelying the bike after the mods as the front rose far quicker than before. Looping a shop bike is not a positive career move.

The dyno curve below shows the difference. The green line is the std bike with termi mufflers and an eprom to suit. The red line is with cams dialed and the eprom's fuel map modified to supply the appropriate mixture. This red line makes even a std 996 SPS look a bit sick ( although the differences between a Strada and an SPS are now down to lightweight engine internals, cams and exhaust only ).

(dyno graph courtesy of DYNOBIKE, (03) 9553 0018)

This is why it is important to fit an adjustable eprom. The bike will be quite lean with the std eprom, although many people would quite happily ride it that way instead of paying an extra $240. Given that we add up to 20% more fuel in places, it is important. The FIM eprom we use, part no UM191 R3, is a quality piece anyway. Owners who have gone from a std or Ducati Performance eprom to the FIM on an otherwise std bike always comment on how much better the bike goes. The ability to play with it later is an added bonus.

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