Another great road engine from Ducati, the 1991 900SS engine was a huge leap forward over the previous Weber and Dellorto versions. These engine offered a general usability that the others had not offered ( not that the Weber version was that bad ).

Many feel these carbs are not a performance piece worth bothering with. They are very wrong. The results shown below are achieved in much the same way as the results for the FI 900. The difference lays only in the fuel system.

The green curve is std 900 Monster. Compared to an SS, this curve is a little smoother. Most SS with std mufflers show a real dip in the curve between 5,000 and 6,000 RPM. The 73 hp peak is on the good side for std.

The blue line is with a pair of Silmotor mufflers fitted. As you can see, a nice little gain, once again common to most brands of mufflers.

The red line shows the finished product. With dialed cam timing, a jet kit and the Ducati Performance air filter kit added to the Silmotor mufflers. The improvement of 6 or 7 hp all the way through is not huge on paper. On the road, however, it was quite dramatic.

(dyno graph courtesy of DYNOBIKE, (03) 9553 0018)

One of the first things the owner noted was how smooth the bike was low in the rev range. The jerkiness so often associated with these engines was gone, and the bike would take full throttle from less than 3,000 RPM. The second thing was the increased response and power. Something he liked very much, although it required a little more attention in the wet ( the bike was his transport ). I tried to talk him into a 14 tooth front sprocket, to replace the std 15. "Maybe when I get used to the way it is now" was his reply. This would finish the package off nicely.

This is the only 900 that I have done with both dialed cam timing and jet kit. With either dialed cams or a jet kit in conjunction with the pipes, the gain is good. Combined, though, they make a great team.

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