The 750 engine often gets a little overlooked when it comes to modifications. Performing the same mods to a 750 as was done to the 900 produces a nice result given what we are starting with.

The green curve shows a std 750 SS. You will notice that these curves are plotted against road speed, not engine revs. This is the base Dynojet reading. We have found the inductive sensor used to pick up engine speed does not like to play with the Ducati ignition system on occaision. This was one of those. I can tell you though, that with 13 MPH per 1,000RPM, 80 MPH is pretty much bang on 6,000 RPM. The reason we are using MPH is because this is what our Dynojet graphing program works in.

The blue line is the same bike with a pair of Staintune stainless mufflers. A very good improvement for a very simple mod.

The red line shows the result with dialed cam timing, jet kit and the Ducati Performance airbox lid kit and the Staintunes. With at least 6 more hp over the std bike all through the rev range, the improvement in percentage terms is very good.

(dyno graph courtesy of DYNOBIKE, (03) 9553 0018)

Response on the road is much improved, with the bike pulling hard out of corners. One owner of a 750 Monster ( who we know rides quite hard ) with these mods claims the bike now wheelies out of corners in second gear. A big claim for a 750 for sure.

Low speed smoothness and a willingness to accept full throttle at much lower RPM than std are also obvious.

The owner of the 750 SS shown has recently fitted a 14 tooth front sprocket ( with std 37T rear ), and reports another good increase in performance.

We have also dialed cams and fitted jet kits with the std airbox lid. This gives similar gains in response and saves some money, but loses around 2 hp all the way ( and the wonderful induction roar ).

The graph below shows a 750 SS with cams dialed and a jet kit fitted with the std airbox lid. The owner of this bike was very happy with the improvement. The green before curve is std with Megacycle mufflers fitted. The red after curve is dialed cams and jet kit added.

(dyno graph courtesy of DYNOBIKE, (03) 9553 0018)

We have found the Megacycle mufflers to work particularly well on these bikes ( and the rest of the SS/Monster range ). The curves below show two 750 SS's with slip on mufflers. The red line is Megacycle, the green line Staintune. Whether or not you could tell the difference between the two mufflers on the road depends on how finely tuned the seat of your pants is. I would be surprised to notice it.

(dyno graph courtesy of DYNOBIKE, (03) 9553 0018)

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